Sports Fans Agree

Stanich's is the perfect place to enjoy your favorite sport with your favorite food. Stanich's is the perfect place to watch your team while enjoying award winning food, excellent service and atmosphere located in Northeast Portland.


“Stanich’s” has been family owned and operated since 1949 when George and Gladys first opened its doors.  From opening day Stanich’s has strived to provide a great family atmosphere, great service, and even greater hamburgers.

Thanks to our loyal customers we have been both fortunate and honored by winning many awards over the years for our hamburgers.

However our goal since opening day has remained the same. To quote my mother, "We certainly hope you enjoyed it and we certainly hope to see you soon”. Steve Stanich and family.

GO! Timbers,Thorns, Trail Blazers, Winterhawks, Beavers,Boxers,Ducks,Pioneers,Pilots and Vikings! Also good luck to all the local High School teams on their upcoming sports seasons. The Stanich family would also like to congratulate the Wilshire/Riverside Little League on making it to the Little League World Series, Keep up the great work!

Stanich's welcomes all  Grade School, Middle School, High School Coaches and other coaches from around the area to have their Sunday Meetings and/or get togethers at the restaurant in our banquet room. Wednesdays and Thursdays as well! Talk sports with  friends or discuss upcoming season while enjoying the World's Greatest Hamburger!

If you ever wonder what makes the city of Portland and surrounding communities so special, simply take a look at the legacy of George and Gladys Stanich. If George and Gladys were alive today they would encourage all of us to "give back" or "pay it forward" and therefore start your own legacy. Simply try to give more than you receive, actions do speak louder than words. For more about the legacy of George and Gladys Click Here.

Awards and critical acclaim have made Stanich's a must for both locals and visitors to Portland. For example, gives Stanich's a TOP PICK writing:

"Stanich's is an old-time tavern known for its burger, a well-balanced tower of meat along with a full panoply of toppings. On the side, get fresh-cut french fries, salty and pecan-hued. A pitcher of beer will go along nicely."

Filling out your 'Bucket List'? Thrillist recently named Stanichs as the home of the best Cheeseburger in America! Click here to see the list!

Part of Portland's History

It was in 1949 that George and Gladys Stanich opened a tavern in Portland. With plenty of sports talk, Gladys' cooking, and George's philosophical advice a favorite Portland destination was born. Take a walk through our history here!


4915 Northeast Fremont Street
Portland, OR 97213

Banquet Reservations:503-246-0561

Fax: 503-862-8329
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W-Th 11am - 10pm
F-Sat 11am - 11pm

Sun 11 am-9pm (later if final NFLgame goes to OT)
Closed Monday & Tuesday

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